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Spring Engagement at Princeton University

Jun 24, 2022

Spring engagement season has got to be one of my favorite times of the year. Love is certainly in the air and the weather is getting warmer, what’s better than that? Recently I had the honor of photographing Ashley & John’s spring engagement at Princeton University and it was just magical. Like transport yourself to Hogwarts type magical, but I digress.

Now, when you walk into Princeton University you’re greeted with absolutely beautiful architecture and greenery. The University was founded in 1746 and since then has grown to be a very well-known university. While of course Princeton University is highly ranked for its academics, they also are highly ranked in beautiful scenery and structure. By me, of course – LOL. I met up with Ashley and John for their engagement photos and we ended up walking throughout the main campus. While scrolling, you’ll be able to tell the absolutely stunning greenery climbing up the sides of some of the academic buildings that made for the ultimate backdrop. For the first half of their engagement session, Ashley wore this beautiful white floral dress. While John wore light grey pants with a muted blue blazer. Together their outfits were coordinated but still unique to stand out during their photos.

Spring Engagement at Princeton University

A little bit later during their session, we decided to have Ashley and John do an outfit change. With time permitting, always make sure you ask your photographer if there is time for an outfit change during your engagement session. Communicating with your photographer that you’re wanting an outfit change ensures that you are giving enough time to photograph both outfits. Ashley changed into this beautiful midi-length white dress while John wore a navy blue suit. These two seriously hit the nail on the head when it came to what to wear for their engagement photos.

Wandering through the Princeton Universities campus, it’s evident that there are many different photo opportunities. While of course, the entire University has its own unique charm and elegance, towards the end of A+J’s engagement session, we moved to Whig Hall. At Whig Hall, you’re greeted with large marble pillars and towering doors. A true gem spot on campus and definitely one of my favorites. We ended the session while the sun was finished setting and I was just itching to get back home to edit these beauties. It really was such a special time with Ashley and John and I can’t wait to capture their wedding day at The Franklin Institute next August!

What to Wear To Your Engagement Session

Now when it comes to choosing what to wear to your engagement session, this can be quite difficult. There is so much information out there, articles and inspiration, that it can be information overload. Aside from sending my couples some engagement outfit inspo via Pinterest (@sarahcanningphoto), here are a few tips that might just save the day.

Stray Away From Heavy Patterns and Logos

Heavy patterns and logos can distract from your photos which we don’t want! Stick to more simplified patterns so that you and your partner can be the center of attention!

Wear Clothes You Can Move In

Just because it’s pretty, does not mean you should wear it to your engagement photos especially if you can’t move in them. Choose pieces of clothing that you can move in and feel comfortable in. Trust me, uncomfortableness translates on camera.

Dress For The Season

This one is one that many people tend to forget. If you’re heading to the beach in the summer, wearing jeans and boots may not be the best option. Instead, opt for sandals or being barefoot with a nice blouse & shorts or a dress. Whichever season you take your engagement photos in, remember that your outfits should also reflect the scene.

Wear Clothes Your Comfortable Wearing

If you wouldn’t wear it for any other occasion, why wear it for your engagement photos? Yes, I understand. You want to dress the part and since this is such a special occasion, why not wear those 6-inch heels or fancy new button-up. However, if you wouldn’t wear it for any other occasion, then wearing it for your engagement photos may not be the best idea. You want to still feel and look like yourself, so choose pieces of clothing that feel like YOU! Note: This does not mean you should come wearing PJ bottoms and a t-shirt. Instead, focus on a more elevated and comfortable version of your attire.

There are plenty of more tips on what to wear to your engagement session that I may divulge in another blog. However, for now these are just some of the most helpful and informative tips to get you through choosing what to wear for your engagement photos.

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