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Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor | Lancaster, Pa | Chelsea + Devin

Feb 21, 2019

Chelsea and Devin’s winter wedding was the perfect dose of warmth and love I needed right now! Pennsylvania winters are never fun but the snow has been unrelenting lately. It was so nice to focus on on this beautiful winter wedding at Riverdale Manor in Lancaster, PA. Chelsea and Devin were the actual definition of adorable.

I love these two together, but Chelsea’s bridal party was also something special. Not only did their winter color scheme totally knock my socks off, the mismatched styles and coordinating colors of her bridesmaids had me in awe! I seriously had the greatest time just getting ready with these girls. Chelsea was so, so excited about the magical day ahead, and her bridal party had so much fun getting her ready.

Riverdale Manor had the perfect space and light to get ready for the day! I was so excited when I saw Chelsea’s Stella York dress in the morning. It was the perfect combination of dainty, sweet, and simple, and I thought it suited her just perfectly! After all the girls were ready, they donned elegant shawls by Sissily Designs and stepped out into the February air! Despite the season, Chelsea and Devin’s wedding day was absolutely perfect and we had warm weather. We had a blast capturing these images before the wedding, and I was so thankful for the good weather we had been granted!

Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0020Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0021Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0022Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0026Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0025Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0027Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0024Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0028Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0029Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0030Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0031Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0032Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0033Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0034Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0035Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0036Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0037Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0038Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0039Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0040Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0041

Soon enough it was time for the guys to start getting ready! Devin’s groomsmen were so very excited for Devin to be married! The day was filled with laughter, love, and jokes abound. I loved the color coordination in the groomsmen, especially right next to the bridesmaids! Their deep maroons, even grey’s, and pops of cream were so pleasing to the eye and reminiscent of that comforting, wintery nostalgia that makes me kind of maybe love this time of year. (At least, I love the coziness. Forget the snow.)

Devin and his six dashing groomsmen joined us outside for a few photos. This group was so much fun to work with – they were excited to capture these memories alongside their friend, as well as crack jokes about every minute or so. We had another great chance to check out the grounds around Riverdale Manor. The venue was ridiculously beautiful, even in winter, and there was just something so whimsical about each different path and field!

Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0042Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0043Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0044Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0045Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0046Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0047Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0048Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0049Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0050

It was ceremony time soon enough! I just cannot understand the pure magic that I got to photograph at the Riverdale Manor. This place had it all – rustic wood details, an amazing flower arch by Petals with Style, and fairy lights speckled over the ceiling! It really felt like we had been transported to another enchanted world! I loved the pure and raw emotion coming from Devin as Chelsea made her way down the aisle. This was one of those truly special moments that make me so thankful I get to do what I do – I love to capture love, and Devin and Chelsea were the perfect examples. The room erupted into applause as Devin went in for the first kiss! They left the room as newly-weds, hand in hand. Suddenly, those fairy lights felt like stars!

Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0052Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0053Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0054Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0055Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0056Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0057Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0059

I had loved getting ready with the Bridesmaids, and seeing the Groomsmen don their tuxes was so much fun – but putting these two groups together made the ultimate Bridal Party! All of Chelsea and Devin’s friends and family were just so excited to see these two finally tie the knot! This is where Chelsea’s sublime color scheme really had its time to shine. Seeing the grey, maroons, and cream all come together made for the ultimate winter Bridal Party (as well as the ultimate party!) I really did have a blast photographing this wonderful group outside the farm house. The white trees around us almost gave the illusion of snow, which was the perfect added detail to an already excellent day! Not to mention, I was thankful to have no real snow anywhere in sight!

Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0060Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0051Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0061Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0062Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0063

It was finally time for Chelsea, Devin and I to explore the Riverdale Manor grounds on our own and capturing some more intimate portraits! This venue really did have everything – these photos are proof that winter is full of colors, it just takes a little bit more planning to pull it out of the landscape! I think some of my favorite photos were around the Manor itself. There was something so timeless and elegant about the architecture, and it painted such a beautiful background for these newlyweds. Chelsea and Devin were plenty adventurous and had no problem just exploring and capturing the emotion of their wedding day!

Some of my favorite portraits of Chelsea and Devin were taken on the porch. Though I always love some scenery, the simplicity and sweet nature of the lights and furniture brought these photos to another level. Chelsea and Devin were all smiles and laughter as we captured more memories. And as if things weren’t already amazing, it was almost time for the reception to start!

Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0064Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0065Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0066Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0067Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0068Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0069Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0070Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0071Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0072Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0073Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0074Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0075Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0076Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0087

Okay, listen. I know I’ve been going on about how awesome the Riverdale Manor has been for this winter wedding – but, like, seriously. Look at this next photo. Is this not the reception of your dreams? This place had absolutely everything, from a bright, white room with plenty of space to dance, all the natural light anyone could dream up, and the most beautiful chandeliers! Chelsea and Devin had planned nothing less than spectacular for their wedding day. I loved the subtle change of Chelsea’s color scheme as we moved inside. The blushing pink and sweet jade inspired thoughts of love and magic as the guests were seated!

Chelsea and Devin’s wedding cake, made by Sweet Gerris, was the ultimate showstopper. Soon enough the room was full to the brim with smiling guests and excited chatter. I always love capturing a couples first dance together – surrounded by smiling faces and loved ones, Chelsea and Devin had eyes only for one another as they ventured onto the dance floor together. As if that moment wasn’t special enough, we ventured outside after it grew dark to capture my absolutely favorite moment from the entire day. Just these two dancing together in the gazebo filled the air with love. This winter wedding at the Riverdale Manor was nothing short of magical.

Thank you so much for joining me for a look into Chelsea and Devin’s wedding day! Have a look at the Vendor List below and see the amazing team of people that created this beautiful wedding!

Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0077Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0078Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0079Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0080Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0081Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0082Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0084Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0085Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor_0086

Venue | Riverdale Manor

Videography | Elijah Reeder

Flowers | Petals with Style

Hair | Sarah Upstyles

Makeup | Shades of Blush Studio

Dress Designer | Stella York

Dress Shoppe | Claire’s Fashions

Faux Fur Wraps | Sissily Designs

Ring Box | The World Jewelry Box

Engagement + Wedding Band | Verragio

Menswear | Suit Supply

Cake | Sweet Gerris

Entertainment | Occasions DJ

the  Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor

a Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor

the Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor

a Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor

the Winter Wedding at Riverdale Manor


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