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Wedding Details | What To Include In Your Wedding Details & Flatlays

Mar 22, 2023

You may or may not have noticed that I am completely and head-over-heels obsessed with detail photos. More specifically, designing and curating your wedding flatlays. As a Pennsylvania wedding photographer, I have gotten to photograph many different types of details and flatlays over the years. However, when the time comes to start putting together all of your wedding details, many couples will ask what to include. Here is a more in-depth version of what wedding details and wedding flatlays are and what exactly to include for the most perfectly designed flatlay photos.

What Are Wedding Details & Wedding Flatlays?

Wedding Details | What To Include In Your Wedding Details & Flatlays

Your wedding details are essentially a curated amount of items that are put together to design your flatlay. Flatlay photos are made up of items that are intentionally placed together that help curate and tell your love story.

Typically flatlays are on a flat surface like a table, mat, or even on the floor. Hence the name, lol. It pretty much sums up your wedding day through a series of objects and allows you to tie everything together such as your theme and color palette.

Who Designs Your Flatlay?

Typically, your wedding flatlay will be organized and designed by one of two people. Either your wedding photographer or your planner. However, it’s good to know who is taking over this responsibility prior to the big day so that there is no confusion!

Why Take Flatlay Photos?

Think of taking photos of your wedding details as an opportunity to elevate your overall wedding experience and tell your love story. They give you the chance to relive the memories of your special day through a combination of memorable and intentionally chosen objects. It also gives your wedding photographer the opportunity to be creative and turn a series of items into a well-designed piece of art.

Tip: I recommend gathering all of your details in a box a few days prior to your special day. This will give you peace of mind knowing that they are all in one place and makes it easier for your wedding photographer/planner to find it come the day of the wedding. This leads to less back and forth and allows you to enjoy your morning in peace.

What To Include In Your Wedding Flatlay

What to include in your flatlay photos can be different depending on what type of look you’re going for. First, I would recommend putting together some inspiration for flatlays that you enjoy. You can do this easily by sharing a Pinterest board with your wedding photographer/planner!

As for what exact items to include, below is a list of different details that are perfect to include in your flatlay photos.

Wedding & Engagement Rings

One of the best ways to elevate your flatlay photos is by including your wedding and engagement rings! Oftentimes you will find engagement rings and wedding bands in flatlay photos as a way to help tell the story of your big day. These can be displayed in either a ring dish or in a ring box. Many times, your wedding photographer will carry flatlay props such as ring boxes and dishes to help make curating this design a bit easier. However, I always encourage you to ask your wedding photographer ahead of time if this is something that they can/will provide.

Your Stationery

Wedding Details | What To Include In Your Wedding Details & Flatlays

One way to completely elevate your flatlay is to incorporate a full stationery suite. This can include your save-the-dates, your invitation cards and envelopes, RSVP cards, and any other paper inserts. Wax seals or vintage stamps can also help to elevate the look. Adding these delicate wedding details will surely enhance your flat-lay photos and make them look absolutely divine.

Florals, Greenery & Loose Blooms

Flatlay Photos

Florals, greenery, and loose blooms are a perfect way to take your flatlay photos up a notch. They allow you to tie in your florals, color palette, and theme and truly elevate the look of your detail photos. Make sure that if you want to incorporate loose blooms/florals into your flatlays, you ask your florist ahead of time.

Wedding Shoes

Your shoes can make for absolutely stunning details for your flatlay photos. Make sure that they are clean prior to your photographer taking them for your detail photos.


Flatlay Photos

Your accessories are the perfect touch to your detail photos and will take them from here to HERE. Whether it be the earrings that your mother let you borrow, the necklace that was once worn by your grandma, or the bracelet as a gift from dad. All of these items tell your story and can make for the perfect addition to your flatlay.

Some Other Details To Include In Your Flatlay Photos

Flatlay Photos

Below are a few more items that would be perfect to include in your flatlay photos!

  • Your Dinner Menu/Programs (all paper goods that were designed to match)
  • Veil
  • Hair Accessories or Headpieces
  • Custom Dress Hanger
  • Ribbon
  • Heirloom Pieces
  • Perfume/Cologne
  • Boutonniere
  • Vow Books
  • Love Letters
  • Tie and Cufflinks

Remember that your flatlay photos are a curation of your love story. Feel free to communicate with your photographer about what you’re looking for in your flatlay photos and details. This way, both of you are on the same page. Most importantly, remember to have fun with it!

If you want to check out more helpful tips and resources, click here.


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