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Knox Farm Engagement Session | Valley Forge, Pa | Hannah + David

Nov 26, 2019

Hannah and David are one of the sweetest couples and I can’t wait for you to read a little bit into their story. They’re not afraid to be goofy and crazy in love in front of the camera, which made my job way too easy! You’ll see what I mean when you look through the images from their beautiful Knox Farm Engagement Session below! Enjoy!

How they met

“David and I met during my freshman year at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. In fact, I met him on the very first day I stepped foot on campus. He was part of a crew that helped move freshmen into their dorms! A few days later we officially met and connected almost instantly. I loved how kind, friendly, charming, and FUNNY he was (and still is). He teased me for being a “Yankee” but I didn’t care…I always wanted a Southern boy.

That entire year we stayed ‘just friends’ and it was incredibly hard being in love with my best friend. During the summer I almost gave up on him. Right before my sophomore year began, he had a revelation and realized there was no one else he would rather date than me. His visit to my house and a trip to New York City with our group of friends confirmed the feelings he had all along.

After that moment things really took off. He asked me out the first day I got back to college. He told me that if I didn’t say yes he would be outside my door every day asking until I said yes. To be honest, it felt pretty good to see him so nervous that night…he was stumbling over his words and everything! But I didn’t let him squirm too long. I told him I would love to go on a date with him. And the rest is history!”

Their first date

As told by David: “TECHNICALLY, our first date was a spur of the moment run to Steak N’ Shake one night. It was after we had spent the day with friends. I, as usual, randomly declared that I was hungry and asked Hannah if she wanted to go out and grab a bite to eat. We got there and talked and talked. The next day, I mentioned something to Hannah about the night before and sheepishly referred to it as a “date” to which she melted. “

As told by Hannah: “So technically that was our first “date” but our first DATE was a year later at a restaurant called RA Bistro in downtown Lynchburg. David had originally wanted to take me out for rolled ice cream because he remembered how much I love ice cream. Sadly, the shop closed early that night, so instead, we had dessert (the best chocolate cake in the universe) at RA, the classic first date spot for students at our school. After dessert, we ended the night with a walk, arm in arm.”

David’s favorite things about Hannah

1. Hannah’s heart and how much she genuinely cares for other people.

2. Her work ethic. She puts 100% effort into everything she decides to do.

3. Her goofiness. She always has a REALLY corny joke to add to the conversation!

Hannah’s favorite things about David

1. David is a leader. I know when I am with him I can relax. He knows how to take charge of both the small and big things.

2. His humor! I tend to take life too seriously and he reminds me to lighten up and look on the bright side.

3. His big heart. He is the type of person that can make anyone in a room feel noticed and valued.

Knox Farm Engagement Session Knox Farm Engagement Session


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