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9 Tips to Best Plan for a Rainy Wedding Day

Jan 7, 2023

Leading up to your wedding day there are a few key factors that we take into consideration. One of those being the weather. It’s the one thing that we can’t control, unfortunately. So, making sure that we over prepare rather than under prepare is key. To some of you, one of the worst things that can happen on your wedding day is for it to rain. However, there are rumors that it means good luck! Rain can cause gloomy skies, wet ground, and for us not to be so happy. However, I encourage you to look at it in a different way! Rain does not have to be the thing that ruins your wedding. All you need is a little bit of prep! Below are 9 tips to best plan for a rainy wedding day. Coming from a photographer who’s had plenty of rainy wedding days.

Have a backup plan

Having a plan B is essential when you’re dealing with rainy wedding days. No matter what season you are getting married in, I highly recommend having a few backup plans. Whether this is a different location for your portraits, an indoor ceremony location option, etc. Always prepare that rain could be an option and plan accordingly. This will save you a ton of worry and stress if you see that it’s forecasted to rain on your special day.

Book a venue with indoor and outdoor options

9 Tips to Best Plan for a Rainy Wedding Day | Indoor and Outdoor Options

You should consider booking a venue with both indoor and outdoor options that you are excited about. A lot of wedding venues will have indoor options for ceremonies and receptions in the case of rain. However, there are some wedding venues that do not offer this. If the weather is a major stressor for you, I would definitely look into whether or not your preferred wedding venue offers both indoor and outdoor options and how flexible they are to move your ceremony location. That way if you do have inclement weather on your wedding day, everything can be moved inside or under covering with very little worry. If you are equally excited and happy with the indoor and outdoor options, this will help take the pressure off!

Embrace the Accessory Options

When it comes to planning for a rainy wedding day, accessories will be your best friend. I am a big fan of accessories and think they can bring so much life to your wedding photos. If you really want to brace for the rainy weather and take some of your wedding portraits outside, these options are a must. Some key items that you may want to consider having on deck are:

  • Rain boots or galoshes – Save the pretty designer shoes for indoors on a rainy day. Prepare for going outside with some cute rain boots so that you don’t have to worry about where you’ll want to walk during portrait time. You won’t even see what shoes you’re wearing in most of your photos!
  • Clear umbrellas for the entire wedding party – they aren’t distracting and allow you to still see your backdrop. Even if you don’t want to do photos openly in the rain with everyone, you will need multiple umbrellas to get to and from locations as dry as possible! They make for some cute and intimate couple’s photos.
  • Towels – to dry things off! Never a bad idea to have extra necessities.
  • A clear shower curtain – If you are worried about your train getting soaked and dirty from the wet ground, we can bring a clear shower curtain with us during pictures! You set it down on the ground, stand on top, and set your dress and train down on the clean and dry space – voila!

These are just some of the props and accessories that would make very cute and practical additions to your wedding day portraits. I’ve also seen people bring cozy blankets for their guests and wraps for their bridal party to keep warm.

Have Alternate Portrait Locations

Prior to the wedding day, brainstorm with your photographer about different portrait locations in the case of rain. Do you need to research an additional location that has beautiful and spacious indoor areas or are their options at your venue already? Besides the occasional pop out into the rain for a few portraits, you likely won’t want to stand out in the rain. Especially depending on how hard it is raining. Seek out outdoor locations that are under covering like a porch, archway, or gazebo. These can be beautiful options that will keep you and your partner dry while still achieving the look of light and bright outdoor photos.

Rent a clear tent

A clear tent will be a huge lifesaver, especially if you’re planning to have a completely outdoor wedding. Some wedding venues will offer a clear tent as a part of their wedding packages. However, some may charge an extra fee. If you’d rather be safe than sorry, I always recommend having a clear tent as a back-up if you’re worried about raining interfering with your day. A clear tent will allow you to feel like you have an open feel without the risk of getting wet. Just make sure that your clear tent has clear siding, or else the wind may end up blowing some rain your way!

Prepare for the worst

I know, this isn’t something we want to think about. However, it’s important to mentally prepare yourself for the chance that it will rain on your wedding day and set your expectations. As I said, if it’s inevitable there is only so much that we can do. Make sure that you are doing everything possible leading up to your wedding day to mentally prepare for this moment. Your wedding day alone is a lot. So adding in the thought that “rain will ruin my day” will make the pressure even worse. Talk through it with your partner, and again, always have a backup plan. Remember what the day is truly about! A little rain can’t dampen your love for each other.

Waterproof makeup is your best friend

When it comes to a rainy wedding day, waterproof makeup will be and is your best friend. I always suggest wearing waterproof mascara on your wedding day regardless. There’s a good chance you might cry, so this is a must! However, make sure you communicate with your makeup artist about your wants and needs and if they’re shifting due to the weather. In return, your makeup artist may decide to use more long-lasting products to help prevent your makeup from smearing, caking, or smudging.

Weather-proof your hair

Along with makeup, you’re also going to want to make sure you communicate with your hairstylist about your wedding day hair. Of course, they are going to try everything in their power to preserve your hairstyle all day long. It’s also important to have realistic expectations that if you’re planning on being outside even in the slightest, your hair may get wet. Prepare for this and make sure to load up on the hairspray or maybe even opt for an up-do.

When in doubt, embrace it

9 Tips To Best Plan For A Rainy Wedding Day

I’m not going to lie. There is something so freeing and empowering about letting go of control and surrendering yourself to the rain. While yes, it is your special day there is something so magical about the rain. Especially when you get to shoot in it. So if you’re feeling doubtful about the rain, not knowing what to do, embrace it. Once your ceremony and important formalities are over, let loose and go dance in the rain with your partner, get wet, and remind yourself that experiencing the moment will mean so much more than trying to keep everything “perfect”. At the end of the day, things will get wet, your dress might be a little dirty, and things didn’t go exactly as planned, but you still got to marry the love of your life!

9 Tips To Best Plan For A Rainy Wedding Day

Conquer your rainy wedding with these 9 tips to best plan for a rainy wedding day. Don’t let Mother Nature bum you out on your most special day. Make sure that you are prepared and ready for anything and you will be just fine! Us wedding photographers are ready for just about anything, so if you’re ready then so are we.

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