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Why You Should Print Your Wedding Photos

Jul 20, 2022

So it’s been a few weeks since the big day. Your wedding day! You just opened up your inbox to an email from your wedding photographer with beautiful images from your wedding day. Reliving every moment and feeling from one of the most magical moments of your life. While those photos are breathtaking, you are wanting more. Something you can hold and feel. That’s where wedding albums come in. To me, one of the most important aspects of getting professional wedding photos taken is being able to relive those moments day after day. Now you may think this may just be the next cash grab, but let me prove to you why you should print your wedding photos. I can almost guarantee that you will not regret it.

Why You Should Print Your Wedding Photos

Why You Should Print Your Wedding Photos

Whenever someone asks me “what is the benefit of printing my photos?” or “why should I get a wedding album” I always like to reflect on these two specific moments. One of them is my grandmother (on my mom’s side) passing down her copy of my parent’s wedding album to me. It was one of those moments that felt so surreal and kind of like a full circle moment. Printed photos are your first family heirloom after you are married and they will be looked at and cherished for many many years to come. A couple of weeks ago, while I was at a family party I was able to look through my grandparent’s wedding album from 70 years ago. For me, that’s what it’s all about. Wedding albums are more than just your photos printed on paper. Your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren will look through these one day. It’s moments you can see and physically feel, which I truly believe you can’t put a price on.

Wedding albums are typically where my clients spent the extra money and let me tell you, not one regret. The value and longevity of these investments far exceed other items you may be considering when allocating your wedding funds. Think about how you envision reliving and sharing those moments. Who do you want to share them with? Your wedding photos are more than just your next profile picture on social media, it’s bigger than that.

Social Media Just Doesn’t Cut It

The first urge that you have once you get your final wedding photos back is most likely going to be posting them all over social media. You’ve been waiting what feels like forever to share these photos, so why not post them all over the gram. The reality is, is that social media isn’t forever. At any moment, your favorite social media platform could go *poof* and so did your photos. You also have to think about realistically how often you and your family will be looking through those photos while scrolling through social media. More often than not, your wedding photos can soon be outshined by other life events that happen which of course we don’t want!

Another notable mention is that a lot of photographers will put expirations on their wedding gallery. Essentially means that after a certain period of time you won’t have access to your gallery anymore. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that you are saving all of your images (and in multiple places) just in case you run into this. However, how much better would it be if you knew your photos were safe and cozy tucked into a perfectly curated wedding album? Just food for thought.

They Make Amazing Gift Options

Wedding albums make amazing gifts for your friends and loved ones. Especially for the first holidays after your wedding. For your parents, you can gift them a parent album of all the best memories of you and them on your wedding day. A first look moment, walking down the aisle, your first dance, the tears they wipe as they see you take this next step. All of that is for them to be able to cherish those emotions and memories forever.

Not only are wedding albums for your family, but it can be for your friends as well. Funny and touching moments of you with your closest friends will make the perfect gift. Showcase how much you love and care about them by gifting them an album for them to cherish your friendship.

Memories for Generations

baby looking at wedding album with parents

Printing your wedding photos and placing them into wedding albums also helps you share those memories for generations. Think of your wedding album as a family heirloom. One that is cherished and loved by your children and their children’s children. I bet some of you have experienced digging through your parent’s belongings just to stumble across their old photos. Those are memories that you’ve continued to cherish even into adulthood. It’s almost as if it were initiation into your early teen years.

Next time you’re looking through some old wedding albums of your parents or grandparents, think about how it makes you feel. Think about how eventually these memories are going to be carrying your families legacy for years and years beyond.

It Tells A Story

When you open up your final gallery, of course, we hope you are in love with your images. We want you to feel so much more than that. We, as wedding photographers, want you to experience the story that we helped create. Your love story is captured in such a way that is uniquely designed for you. So why not share that in one of the most permanent ways possible? A wedding album solidifies this story. It amplifies your story and is a reflection of how your wedding photographer was able to tell that story.

If you could take one thing away from this blog, it’s this. Your wedding day is too precious of a moment to be left sitting in your inbox or the hard drive of your computer. Rather than living through some of the most monumental times of your lives through a digital screen, take that extra step to ensure that they will be preserved forever. It will be completely worth it. All of this proves why you should print your wedding photos.

How To Get A Wedding Album with Sarah Canning Photography

Why You Should Print Your Wedding Photos

Whenever I work with my couples I always let them know that an album can be added to their current photography collection at any time. They are also always available post-wedding! When it comes to designing wedding albums, the process is entirely streamlined through me! Rather than agonizing over picking your favorite images (trust me this can be hard), I can pick some of the best ones and design it from start to finish. This is done in four easy steps!

1.) I go through your gallery and pull images that I feel reflect your wedding story the best

2.) I start designing & curating your wedding album of choice

3.) Send out a draft of your wedding album for finalized edits & then make any necessary changes

4.) Mail out the finalized wedding album right to your door!

Designing and receiving your wedding album can be as easy as that! If you have any further questions about why you should print your wedding photos, feel free to message me, and let’s chat.

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