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Sunset Beachfront Engagement Session | Longport, NJ | Mary + Robert

Sep 6, 2017

Mary and Rob met in the beginning of 7th grade (2001) when Rob became a new student at the middle school Mary was attending. He was put in her homeroom so a teacher brought him in to introduce him to the class. She doesn’t know why she so vividly remembers that day, but Rob was wearing a white turtle neck and she was actually disappointed the new boy in class was short.. what 12 year old isn’t excited about a new boy in class!?!? It all makes sense now why he stuck out to her in such a way.

Mary and Rob just clicked from the very beginning. They would spend a lot of time chatting online during the summers until they had phones and could text. When there was an event, they were there together. The 8th grade field trip, they went on the log flume together, he was her date to homecoming senior year, and he was her airport buddy on senior trip. They would go to parties together in high school, and they sat next to each other at graduation. Their friends would say they were probably going to get married one day, but Mary didn’t want to hear about it (Rob on the other hand was secretly rooting for it the whole time). But as time went by, it was inevitable that their friendship would become more because they had so much love for each other as friends and realized how much they truly meant to each other.. They loved being together so much that it just made sense.

That realization didn’t actually occur until Mary was in her sophomore year of college. It was kind of an inconvenient time, but she was only only about a half hour from home in Wilmington DE. Rob would come visit on weekends or she would go home to see him. They had to work through more long distance when Mary moved to Brooklyn for school the following year. And even more trials after graduating, working in the city, and having a career. Living without each other was really difficult for them both. It was then that Mary realized she couldn’t get comfortable somewhere without him and she had to make the move back to Jersey.

2 years after she moved to Jersey, Rob proposed in Ocean City on our little summer getaway. Mary admits, she did have an idea it was coming because she is so nosy (and they can’t keep secrets from each other) but he half convinced her (even though he’s really bad at lying) that it wasn’t happening that weekend. She didn’t paint her nails on purpose or make a big deal about the weekend because she didn’t want to plan for it. Well, vacation weekend came and apparently he couldn’t hold out even a day because they must have been in our room at the Flanders Hotel for MAYBE 20 minutes before he stopped Mary in her tracks to propose. She had her sunglasses on, bags in hand and was ready to hit the beach when she realized what in the world he was doing! He looked her in the eyes and put his hands on her shoulders and said “You know how much I love you, right?” The rest of his speech was a blur but it was private, intimate, and TOTALLY caught her off guard. They took it all in,  popped some champagne, called their moms, and celebrated before finally hitting the beach. It was in that moment, on the beach holding hands where it started sinking in and they both got emotional. You work so hard as a couple and a team, and in their favorite place, the beach, it was the first step towards forever and that was SO exciting.

6.5 years from when their romance started, they’re preparing for the wedding that their friends had predicted so long ago. Apparently, 10 years ago it was that obvious that they had a thing for each other. But I think they kind of knew all along that they were meant to happen. As cliche as it may be, they truly are soulmates and best friends. He has ALWAYS made her laugh.

Their love for the beach carries through with their engagement session and all the plans for their wedding. Their engagement session embodied romanticism on a quaint little beach in Longport, NJ. The soft light mixed with their perfect color palette made for such natural and bright images. This couple truly truly loves each other so deeply and you’ll see it in every image. They were able to let loose and have fun which allowed for genuine and joyful moments to occur and be captured. Mary’s two piece outfit from BHLDN was the perfect choice for the beach. It was light and airy, yet sophisticated and beautiful. The earthy tones of their second outfits, Mary’s dress being from Free People, was perfect for the sun filled back drop that we got closer to sunset. The session concluded with the couple running into the water together. It took them back to those times as kids when they could just let loose and have fun without a care in the world. They shared a romantic kiss and the emotions and the beach took them back to that feeling of happiness after getting engaged and knowing this was the beginning of it all. They can’t wait to get married this Fall, once again, next to the beach!



Sunset Beachfront Engagement Session Sunset Beachfront Engagement SessionSunset Beachfront Engagement Session Sunset Beachfront Engagement Session


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