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Graeme Park Wedding | Bucks County, Pa | Sarah + Alex

May 31, 2019

I had the most wonderful opportunity to photograph Sarah and Alex’s Graeme Park Wedding, and it was such a fantastic, timeless celebration of love and family! I loved getting ready with Sarah and Alex! These two prepared the cutest details for me to photograph in the morning. Sarah and Alex prepared such a whimsical color scheme. I have always been such a huge fan of sweet creams and timeless jades together. Seeing Sarah put on her beautiful Anna Campbell dress was such a treat. She was so excited to finally be getting ready on her wedding day! Alex looked quite dashing in his suit by Men’s Wearhouse. Cheekadee Makeup did an amazing job as always with everyone’s makeup! I just loved all the energy at Sarah and Alex’s Graeme Park Wedding – there were so many happy vibes and joyous moments that I had a fantastic time capturing!

Getting to work with Sarah and Alex’s amazing Bridal Party was SUCH a treat. All of their friends and family were so, so helpful throughout the entire day. If we were ever shorthanded for any task, there was always somebody willing and ready to help out! Alex and Sarah’s Bridal Party was so much fun to work with. Firstly, I cannot get over the amazing bridesmaids dresses by Show Me Your Mumu! They had such a beautiful, boho piece that went perfectly with the amazing bouquets by A Floral Affair! There was something so, so unique about the delicate floral details that span the entirety of the dress. They were so whimsical and romantic – seriously a favorite of mine! Alex’s groomsmen were all kinds of charming in their blue suits! Everyone vibed so well together and there were ALWAYS smiles shared between everyone in the bridal party!

Thanks to the amazing Graeme Park, we had a beautiful outdoor space to use for Alex and Sarah’s ceremony. Emotions were off the charts during this beautiful ceremony. I seriously can’t find the words to describe the sweet, positive energy! Alex didn’t see Sarah until she strode down the aisle with her two brothers. It was such a tender moment to see the look on Alex’s face! He was witnessing his wife-to-be in her wedding dress for the first time, and it was nothing short of magical. I was SO excited about Alex’s grandmother being the flower girl! It was such a touching idea that added something totally new to their ceremony. Sarah and Alex’s Graeme Park Wedding had the perfect mix of unique details like that, and classic colors, cuts, and designs. Alex and Sarah shared an adorable kiss and, just like that, the two were finally wed!

WOW. That’s all I’ve got to say about Alex and Sarah’s portraits – that’s all! Okay, yeah, I’m kidding. But I seriously adored all of the special moments we captured together at this Graeme Park Wedding! The three of us had so much magical open space to use – and trust me, we used it all! We were all about exploring as we captured photos together. Sarah and Alex had so much beautiful chemistry and just could not keep the smiles off their faces! It was such a blessing to witness these two come together as husband and wife for the first time. We had endless beautiful light and I swear, if we didn’t have a rockin’ party to get to, we could have stayed out there and photographed for hours! Once again I was totally drooling over the amazing color scheme and how magical Alex and Sarah looked in the sunlight!

Once again, I have nothing but the highest praises for Graeme Park after photographing Sarah and Alex’s wedding. There was so much beautiful space for us to use! And once again, I was so excited about all the beautiful details and decorations included at the reception. One of my favorite details were the seating assignments written in brilliant gold on sweet green leaves! I thought it was such a unique piece of decoration that definitely caught my eye. When it was finally time for Sarah and Alex to come out for their first dance, all of their friends and family lined the dance floor with grins and laughter! It was so magical to see these two step out onto the dance floor together. Finally husband and wife, Alex and Sarah danced the night away at their beautiful Graeme Park Wedding!

venue | Graeme Park

videography | TLJ Studios

flowers | A Floral Affair

hair | Katelyn McGrath

makeup | Cheekadee Makeup

dress | Anna Campbell

dress shoppe | Lovely Bride Philly

bridesmaid dresses | Show Me Your Mumu

menswear | Men’s Wearhouse

entertainment | Schaffer Sound Productions

cupcakes | Lindzertortes

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