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Golden Hour Engagement Session at Valley Forge | Marissa + Tim

July 3, 2018

If I had two use three words to describe this golden hour Engagement Session at Valley Forge, I think I’d go for – bright, lively, and whimsical. If you take a peek through these photos, I know you’ll definitely agree! I had such a blast working with Marissa and Tim at Valley Forge. Beautiful light? Check. Amazing location with all of the variety? Double check! These two were just so willing to run around and try anything to grab the perfect shot.

We were also happily accompanied by their adorable fur-baby, Chai! The four of us trampled around the grounds at Valley Forge and Philander Chase Knox Estate; I’m always a sucker for rural and urban ties. It’s so fun to work with bright, beautiful architecture as well as shimmering fields and open skies. Even though we’re in a bit of a heat wave right now, this night with Marissa and Tim still felt totally perfect!

One of my favorite details from this shoot was the dress that Marissa changed into at sunset. Talk about a fairy princess! This girl was totally floating as we explored – once again the two were more than willing to do some dancing, spinning, and laughing to get the right shots. I cannot express the excitement I felt when taking and looking through these photos! We were truly living in a fantasy moment during this engagement session!

Marissa and Tom are going to be married at the French Creek Golf Club in Elverson, PA – if you’d like to read more about their story, you can check out my recent feature on Philly in Love! 

Thank you so much for following along on this magical engagement session! Have a look below through Marissa and Tim’s photos, and don’t forget to let me know your thoughts!



Golden Hour Engagement Session at Valley Forge

Golden Hour Engagement Session at Valley Forge Golden Hour Engagement Session at Valley Forge Golden Hour Engagement Session at Valley Forge Golden Hour Engagement Session at Valley Forge

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