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Horse Ranch Engagement Session | New Jersey Wedding Photographer | Loewe + Matthew

March 30, 2018

My recent Horse Ranch Engagement Session with Loewe and Matt literally felt like a dream! Did I know when I started working as a photographer that I’d be including horses in my engagement shoots? Absolutely not! But am I ecstatic that it’s now a part of my career? Um, YES! I’m so happy that Loewe and Matt invited me to New Jersey so I could capture them with Loewe’s beautiful horse, Nina! And here’s the best part of all of this – Nina is going to be in their wedding as Loewe’s ‘Mare of Honor!’ What a dream!

Unsurprisingly, this was my first time working with a horse and it was both incredibly fun and a bit challenging. It definitely took a lot of patience! But have a look through the photos – I think you’ll agree that some extra time and effort was well worth it! It even started to rain a bit towards the end of our session, but Loewe and Matt had already proved themselves as troopers, so we kept on shooting away! I’ve always loved the simple, romantic aura that rain gives photographs.

Loewe and Matt will be getting married later this year at Eagle Manor in New Jersey! It’s the most beautiful venue with the perfect blend of having a barn wedding, while being on the water! I’m super excited to see all three of these wonderful models again, and especially to work with Nina once more! We’re already planning ahead for the wedding – floral reigns anyone? Have a look through this collection and let me know your thoughts!

Horse Ranch Engagement Session

Horse Ranch Engagement Session Horse Ranch Engagement Session Horse Ranch Engagement Session Horse Ranch Engagement Session Horse Ranch Engagement Session

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