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2017 Behind the Scenes

December 27, 2017


This is my very first behind the scenes post and I can’t wait to make it an end of season tradition! We just wrapped up our last wedding of the year right before Christmas on December 22nd. Now comes a lot of editing, catching up, reflection, and gearing up for next season!

This year was one for the books with so many fun moments! I photographed a total of 20 weddings this year with the help of my amazing team of girls! We had weddings in almost every single month of the year and got outside for some portraits for every single one of them – no matter what the weather. We had everything from pouring down rain, to snow on the ground, to hot and humid temperatures. We fluffed a lot of dresses, had a lot of laughs with bridal parties, and captured timeless moments of our extraordinary couples. We had a penguin attend a cocktail hour and a wedding with a taco bar (which you know made my life)!

Now it’s time for YOU to come on a ride behind the scenes and catch a little glimpse of what the wedding day looks like for us as the photographers (and probably get to know the back of my head really well)! We hope you enjoy!


I’ll do anything for the shot! Including freeze my foot off for that perfect angle!

I quickly learned my lesson and put on some better footwear!

And I LOVE having veils to play with during portraits, especially long ones!

Sometimes you’ll even find me on the dance floor. 🙂

I am always fixing hair, fluffing dresses, and making sure you look fab! I take the extra time but you’ll appreciate it in the long run!

Usually my second shooters get stuck being my test subjects! This is Alexis!

Awkward, caught off guard moments… lol

And more reception test shots!

I can double as a hair stylist when needed and I’m also a pro at putting in veils!

Getting ready with the girls is one of my favorite parts of the day!

More awkward test shots with Ashley!

This wedding had a TACO BAR at their cocktail hour! If you know me, you know I was in heaven!

I’ll even play mom and button your dress up for you! (I’ve gotten pretty good with a crochet hook!)

And outdoor, summer weddings are probably my favorite!

I caught Alexis shooting Groom details. And please ignore my hot mess hair….. it was humid that day, ok?

A good veil thrower that then runs backwards out of the frame is the secret to those romantic veil “blowing” shots!

And we’ll most likely goof around with your other vendors.

(I blame pre mature wrinkles and crows feet on photography!)

I love sharing favorites! It’s so rewarding to see the couple’s reactions in person! <3

When you’re out in the street getting a shot and the bus of guests comes barreling in, you run away laughing because you almost got hit.

(Again with the squinty wrinkles!)

Testing reception light with Elizabeth!

And ring shots are my specialty!

Oh hey, Kelly!

When there’s a penguin at cocktail hour!!!

Bridal party looking at me very intently… you want us to do WHAT?!

Dress fluffing!

Apparently shooting with my feet pointing in two different directions is comfortable??

Kelly testing out my first look spot and dress fluffing for me! She was COLD!

And I declare this proof that I am sometimes funny!


Thank you for following along! 2017 was a great year and we can’t wait to see what the 2018 season will bring!

A huge thank you to my second shooters this year –  Kelly, Alexis, Ashley, Elizabeth, and Betsy!

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