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Lockridge Park Engagement Session | Lehigh Valley, Pa | Kristin + Adam

June 28, 2017

This was a couple that going into their engagement session were concerned about never having professional pictures done before and had stated that they felt uncomfortable in front of the camera. Well, I have to say, this session with Kristin and Adam was the most fun I’ve had in a while! Right off the bat, they totally rocked it! But, it is always my goal to have fun and make my couple’s feel comfortable at a session. We laughed, we played games, and got some absolutely amazing images. With my style of work, there is absolutely no reason that you need to know what you’re doing going into your engagement session. This is another tribute to why it’s so important to have an engagement session. This couple (specifically the groom, and guys usually hate pictures, right?) walked away asking “is this what the wedding day will be like?!” – A. He had THAT much fun, and B. YES, that is exactly the point of engagement sessions. To get you comfortable in front of the camera and to go into the wedding day at full speed. This Lockridge park engagement session was the perfect prequel to Kristin and Adam’s wedding this August that I’ll be shooting on behalf of Ashley Errington Photography.

Lockridge was such a perfect spot for an engagement session. I had never been there before and I love exploring new places! There is so much beautiful architecture everywhere you look. Kristin and Adam were down for anything, which allowed me to get fully creative without boundaries. They even got into the water for some pretty romantic portraits in the creek at one point! I walked away from this engagement session even more excited for their wedding since I got to know them as people and shared a really great time. Kristin and Adam both came out of it saying how much fun they had and how comfortable I made them feel and they got so many joyful and genuine images. I hope you enjoy looking at them as well!


Lockridge park engagement session Lockridge park engagement session Lockridge park engagement session

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